Dear friends,

At the start of the summer I had hoped that Babes In Arms would continue across the holidays, then, due to very low numbers I pulled back with a view to starting back in the Autumn. As summer progressed and my massage business found its feet, the last of my energy for running Babes In Arms went. Maybe if the café was still a thing that I wanted to achieve I would have had more fight left in me for getting more numbers through the doors.

I’ll be shutting down all online presence for Dinosaurs Love Fairy Cakes at the start of October so that anyone who needs to know can find out that Babes In Arms will no longer run.

To that end, I find myself with a lot of baby sensory toys, great quality foam mats plus catering flasks and equipment. If anyone in the York area DOES have the energy and enthusiasm needed to run something similar to Babes In Arms I would love you to make me an offer for the kit that I have.

Thank you SO much for your support in all forms for Dinosaurs Love Fairy Cakes since it started a few years back. I’ve met some brilliant people and have learned LOADS from the project.

If anyone out there needs a massage or is missing my cakes, please do check out She Has Magic Hands.

Roars & Sprinkles!

Zoe xx