Lifts & Coffee Machines

Hello DLFC Tribe,

Lots has happened this week and we wanted to keep you in the loop.

The first big thing is that we have finally seen and approved the scope of works that the landlords at Market Street want to have done to the basement. This means that a lease should be coming our way next week, and as soon as we have that (and as long as the terms are reasonable) then we can swing into action with surveys and things like that.

We’ve had another look at the premises this week with a lift specialist. We had hoped it would be possible to install a platform stair lift to make the basement fully accessible, but the stairs are too narrow to accommodate a proper platform, and a seated stairlift would prove hazardous for a few reasons - a big one being that it would make the stairs even narrower for people using them. The only way we could make both floors fully accessible is by installing a full lift shaft which we cannot do because a) the landlords have said we can’t make structural changes and b) it’ll cost at least £30k to do... which we don’t have.

This is a huge shame. We are going to look instead at how to make the stairs as safe and user friendly for all ages as possible. We will also offer accessible party and activity options on the ground floor as a result of this news.

Other things we’ve given consideration to this week have been CCTV (definitely need it), menu design - check out the Pinterest Board we’ve been doing on it. Zoe has also been designing some window stickers to put on the front of the premises while we’re getting it fitted out:

We’ve also been weighing up things to do with coffee. As two people who currently don’t like drinking coffee we feel utterly blind in this area. We know it is important to serve GOOD coffee for people who do like it though.

Two things have happened to us in the last few weeks regarding coffee - one is that Cloud Gate Coffee approached us offering support. Having met with them, they feel like a great fit to be our coffee partners and we will be learning a lot from them in the coming months.

The other thing that’s happened is we’ve been offered a second hand kick ass coffee machine for a really good price from the team at Rae & Webb. They also want to support what we’re trying to do and are self confessed coffee nerds.

We’ve been weighing up whether leasing a new machine with full servicing and breakdown cover could be better, but our guts are telling us that the machine we’ve been offered is the right one for us - at least to kick off with. We love the spirit with which its been offered and the legacy behind it. Plus it's a sexy Italian one so it will look very nice on the counter!!

All this action with Cloud Gate and coffee has made us think about seeking out other local brands to buddy up with as well. We know that we want to continue working with Melk, who currently provide the sweet treats at our weekly groups. As soon as we’ve fixed on anybody we’ll let you know.

We hope those of you who have been on half term this week have had a good time particularly with the weather being as scraggy as it has been. Onwards people!

Roars and sprinkles!

Amy and Zoe xx

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