Babes In Arms Breakfast Club is GO!

Tuesday morning was a big day in the world of Dinosaurs Love Fairy Cakes. We launched our new regular Babes in Arms Breakfast Club at Spark:York.

For £5 a ticket we have created a place for parents and babies under 12 months old to come and socialise with one another. We are happy to say that there was even a Dad! (We know!) There was a wonderful crowd of 14 adults and babes, who all hit it off straight away. Happily we witnessed many a phone number being exchanged at the end as new friendships formed. We lovingly organised a whole bunch of heuristic play treasure baskets, scouring shops, car boots and the internet with gusto to find lots of lovely quirky items to entertain and stimulate the smalls. The most popular item was in fact a ladle!

Breakfast consisted of copious amounts of tea and coffee supplied by CWTCH (which if you are wondering is Welsh for cuddle) and an amazing spread from York Nurturing Community which included gluten free and vegan options. Cuddles and nurturing in a breakfast. What more could you want after a broken nights sleep?

There was also an activity to make a sensory jar (see below for instructions) Most were a success, some quite frankly looked like pond water, other extreme cocktails or even a prop from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but they got people who didn’t know one another around a table having a giggle, so did their job.

Personally we had a blast, feel incredibly proud and think it’s probably the best Breakfast Club since Molly Ringwald gave Judd Nelson a diamond earring and our hearts collectively melted circa 1985, but we might be a bit bias.

Make a sensory jar...

Take a clean jar, remove all the labels and check the lid fits tightly! Pour in a good 3/4 water.

Add in food colours of your choice. We mixed yellow and blue.

Pour in oil almost to the top, leave enough space at the top so the oil and water can splash about a bit!
Add in sprinkles, sparkles and glitter.

Put the lid on tightly, shake and roll your jar. Enjoy watching the oil and coloured sparkling water mix and separate in a mesmerising manner!

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