A Babes In Arms Reboot

Good news folks! The Babes In Arms Elevenses Club returns on Monday September 7th from 10am until midday.

Our Babes In Arms Club is a relaxed meet up for carers of children under a year old. We provide toys for the babies with hot drinks and sweet treats for the adults.

The ethos of the sessions remains the same as ever: to foster a community of people in the same situation, improve their mental wellbeing through being out of the house and in a friendly group of people, and to stimulate babies through sensory play and socialisation (at a government approved distance) with other babies and adults.

We've got a brand new venue* in the York RI New Lane Community Sports Club. This is on the Holgate / Acomb border and only really accessible by bike or car unless you live locally. If this trial of the new format Babes In Arms goes well we’ll be looking at other venues in different wards across York.

(New location is the same as the Football Club shown on the map.)

The room we're using is really lovely with plenty of room for buggy parking. Lots of windows for ventilation and everything on the same level for easy access. There’s also plenty of parking onsite. We were impressed by the systems they've got in place at the venue for keeping it clean and for keeping users of the space very safe. It's a bit of a hidden gem!


We will be limiting sessions initially to 12 people in order to test social distancing in the new venue and provide a good service.

You'll be allocated your own space for baby to play and for you to sit comfortably on foam mats which can be easily cleaned and disinfected at the end of each session. These will be spaced two metres apart to comply with social distancing.


You'll be given a bag of toys to share with your baby. Once a toy has been used and finished with it needs to be placed in one of the used toy baskets for cleaning at the end of the session. Toy bags will be washed between sessions and only toys which are easy to clean will be used during the sessions.

You'll be asked to apply anti bacterial hand sanitiser on arrival and this will be available throughout the session to you if you need it.

Face masks need to be worn at all times inside when food and drink isn’t being consumed.

Zoe will be preparing the cakes and treats each week from her home kitchen (which has a 5* hygiene rating from the council). She will do this wearing suitable PPE.


We will need people to pre book and pay for their place beforehand. You'll need to register your details at the time of booking and these will be kept on file for 21 days after the event in order to comply with NHS track and trace.

Refunds will be offered as long as we are contacted before 9am on the day of the session. This will give us chance to then offer places to people on a waiting list.

You'll need to give the name you booked with when you arrive, you'll be checked off on a printed register and will sign a declaration that they you are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID 19. Pens will be sanitised between each use.

Book your place now.

* Spark has been a really hospitable and convenient venue for the group to date, but the venue does not have any windows which open. Proper ventilation is key for indoor group activities.

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